Loved you Yesterday, Love you still, always have always will.

Check out this beautiful bedroom from Aimee. I love it!
(Aimee's is a size large, 40" wide)


Robyn at reviewed one of our most popular vinyl monograms the family name monogram on her blog and is offering a $25 gift certificate to our store. Check out her cute blog and enter to win!

Polka Dot Little Girls Room

Polka Dots are super cute! Don't you just love this little girls room? Mandy sent me these great pictures of Molly Kate's Vinyl. Isn't it great?

Welcome to our home...

Our new Welcome to our home sticker has been so popular! Definitely one of our biggest sellers. Cheryl sent me these pictures of her front door.  I love how simple of an addition it is.


And a modified version from Orah. she just wanted the Welcome and I think it looks fantastic.
Makes me want to redo my front door. Looks so good!


Who doesn't love a sale? We at Simply Stick It Designs are always making extra vinyl lettering and decals. Sometimes we make a mistake in color or just make too many! I like having spare parts lol. I have tons of vinyls now just taking up space and want to get rid of them so I'm selling them at 50% off or more! Check it out and see if there's anything you want. They make awesome presents!

All the way from Australia...

Abbey sent these precious pics all the way from Australia. Aren't they fabulous?
 A side view...
I love how the vinyls don't distract from the amazing-ness (is that a word?) of the pictures. They just subtly add to it. Beautiful!
Thanks for sharing Abbey!

Gift Certificates

Yesterday was my birthday and I got a few gift certificates. Yay!  That means shopping and that makes me H-A-P-P-Y! It also got me to thinking, I should have gift certificates for my store. So if you know someone who would love vinyl, but not sure which saying they would want or color choice? You can give the gift of Vinyl through their email though the store Gift Certificates are a great way to give a vinyl lettering gift. With so many quotes, sizes and colors to choose from, sometimes it's just "safer" to let the person choose for themselves. Your recipient can use the certificate to purchase one of our predesigned vinyl or they can create their own in our custom vinyl designer. The sky's the limit! 

All gift certificates are sent via email and can be passed along by email right to the recipient, they can be sent to you for emailing, OR they can be sent to you for printing to place in a card. It is totally up to you! Get yours today!

Make it your own...

One of my favorite things about vinyl is you can cut up the words and place them however you wish. Adrianna did this and it turned out adorable!
This is what she started with...

...cute, yes?

Cute Monkey Room

I love babies and especially their rooms! Add some sock monkeys and it's perfect.  I've seen a bunch of nursery vinyl pictures over the past two years and this is one of my favorites! I love how the square monogram doesn't over power the room. Thanks to Heather for sharing with us. Don't you just love it?
and over the door...
So very cute. Do you want a square monogram? Click here to order in our store. Or maybe a monkey see, monkey do, click here.

Are the holidays already here?

Not yet... but we're having a sale anyway.

Do you like this...
or this...
or maybe this...
or maybe you have something in mind already and are ready to unleash your Inner Artist? Get started by clicking the button below.

Well,  I've already bought a couple Christmas presents for my kids (on sale of course) and thought I'd like to offer my customers a little money savings for being the best customers a girl could ask for. Maybe you can find that perfect vinyl for yourself somebody on your shopping list.

If you go to our website and enter the coupon code 10SALE10 when you're ready to check out you get 15% off your whole order!

Enjoy this sale, it will last until Halloween 2010!

New Playroom

I hardly ever do vinyl for myself anymore but my hubby and I spent all day Sunday working on throwing away all their toys organizing my kids' playroom and thought a little vinyl would be perfect for the new storage bins we bought (and spent way too much money on at IKEA but I ♥ them). What do you think? Maybe now my kids will keep this room clean. I'm not holding my breath but am definitely keeping my fingers, toes, legs crossed hoping for a nice, clean, organized room!

Here's the Before
the after
a little closer...
I'm seriously lovin' it!

Notice the butterflies are also in vinyl as are the monkeys in this tree.
and the window in the kitchen...
If you  love like these labels you can get them here

In honor of my nice clean playroom, all our labels are 25% off in our store! 
The sale may end when the kids tear up the playroom so it may not last long :)

Love it...

Jill sent me her super cute pictures of some vinyls I made a couple weeks ago. I love love love what she did and I may have to copy those hooks!
and in the bathroom...

Lookie Lookie

I get emails all the time from customers with photos to share and I have to admit, I love it!

These are from Kristi and I think they were used in her bathroom. Aren't they darling? I love the polka dot shower curtain and the light blue walls!
This is from Terri. I just love the layout!
From Mary. I love this saying with the collage of family pictures. It's Lovely.
Krissy's nursery is so sweet.  The twinkle twinkle lettering and stars and moon are all vinyls.
These next few pictures, I'm not sure who they were. I can't seem to find the emails they match but they're all so cute I couldn't resist sharing. If they are yours leave me a comment and I'd love to give credit where due.

 From Susie.
I adore this modification. Next time we go to the beach I definitely want to do this.
 Some twilight ornaments made the very talented smc801's etsy shop.


Have you noticed everyone is blogging? I love reading everyone else's blog but have been entirely too lazy to do my own. I figured it was time I joined everyone else and get on the bandwagon. What do you think? I'm thinking I will feature pictures I get from customers as well as any sales we have going on so stay tuned and check in often! And if you're a customer send in those pictures and show off what you've done!


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